Cell Groups

Ever wondered how you can build a great relationship with God and with others? Well, the best way to do this is to join a cell!

There are all sorts of cells for all sorts of people. Cells are basic life units that make up the body of Christ. They are groups small enough to allow for real relationships to be fostered, and for the life and love of Christ to be practically expressed.

Why Are Cell Groups So Important?

Just as cells in the human body are essential for living, so cells in the body of Christ are crucial for your spiritual living. God calls us into community – with Himself and with our fellow Christians. Until and unless we develop relationships with other Christians and become part of a biblical community, we cannot grow to our full potential and impact others for Christ. Therefore cells are not optional – they are vital!

Being part of EEC without being in a cell would be like a child without a family!


How Do I Join A Cell Group?

If you are interested in finding out more our cell groups then please get in contact with info@emmanuelchurch.org.uk. We'll be able to tell you which of our cell groups are located nearest to you, when they meet and how to get there.

Cell Gathering