E-Babies is our ministry for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years, and grasps the opportunity to nurture very young children in the Christian faith from the earliest possible stage.


In setting the group up in 2012, it is significant that from the day of inviting volunteers to come forward (July 2011) to the day it was officially launched in the main service (April 2012), it was a period of 9 months!  It is clear then that God himself grew and prepared the ministry from conception to birth, for which we give thanks and praise.

E-Babies runs from 11am - 12.30pm, and a morning consists of:

  • Play for the first hour
  • Refreshment of fruit, breadsticks and water
  • A short period of 15 mins for Bible-related activities.  This can consist of  welcoming every child by name, singing 'I Love To Pat The Bible' and/or 'I Love To Go To Church', opening up and looking at a Toddler's Bible, identifying objects on a poster according to the theme, playing simple games that relate to the theme, and short prayers.

Feedback from parents reveals that even by the age of 18months, toddlers express an eagerness to come to e-Babies, and we can see that this week-by-week ministry embeds a strong sense of fellowship, of love for the Bible and an excitement to learn more about God.  Children remain at e-Babies until the September after their 3rd birthday, when they will go up to e-Totz.  Exceptions can be made if a child is 3 before Christmas and if parents and teachers agree that the child is mature enough to move up.

Similar to e-Kidz and e-Totz, we adopt the acronym ARMY so that throughout their childhood years at EEC, they are learning to march together from the youngest possible age!

A -  ADVANCE the children for God’s kingdom in Word and Spirit.

R -  RELEASE children for the service of King Jesus.

M – MOTIVATE children to love God and others.

Y -  YIELD spiritual leaders and prayer warriors in our children.", + "Matthew 19:14"4