When Will My Heart’s Desire Arrive?

By Stephen L France

For the last few blog entries, I’ve talked about trials in various ways.

Although there are plenty of new testimonies I could offer about God’s grace, what I’m really waiting on is a clear, indisputable answered prayer, meeting my heart’s desire.

The challenges that have occurred over 2017, where God has allowed me to overcome haven’t been desire fulfilment. They’ve been fiery trials [1 Peter 4: 12 – 13] and I’ve been called to keep faith, and by His grace, He’s seen me through. I gleefully anticipate transformation where ‘I delight in the Lord, and he gives me the desires of my heart.’ [Psalm 37:4]

This may sound ungrateful or selfish, but I’ve come to learn that in our relationship with the Lord, we all should expect that He will meet our ‘heart’s desires;’ it’s part of His loving nature [Jeremiah 29:11].

After wise Godly counsel regarding the difference between ‘spiritual blessings’ and our ‘heart’s desires,’ this blog has almost doubled in size for what was initially intended. My soul understands that I’m spiritually blessed – “praise God, for He is great!”

But, I’m still wondering when my heart’s desires will be met.

To clarify, my dreams are:

1)    Start a Godly ministry for men to serve the Kingdom (this is very new to me and has become increasingly stronger over the last 7 months)

2)    Have enough finance from my writing career to funnel into Kingdom works

3)    Have a Christian wife and ‘x’ children and be in loving service to them

I’m not saying there has to be a specific number of desires and the order changes with my feelings and thoughts; I would love to be noble for the kingdom, but my desire no.1 often exchanges with no.3.

Perhaps I’m being naïve, but there is a particular type of situation when we pray for something and our desire is met exactly as prayed for. The kind of gift that is better than our human fathers could ever give [Matthew 7:11], which compels us to get down on our knees, praising and worshipping God in all His glory.

Francis Chan, one of our renowned brothers in Christ says, “there is nothing better in this world than an answered prayer.” How many of us can say we’ve received something exactly as we prayed for?

This is the kind of gift where we’re certain God has moved in our lives and instils us with loving obedience to cast off all fear [1 John 4:18], and give thanks in live testimony in front of our church congregation.

Along this journey, the Lord has continued to transform my mind [Romans 12:2] with sincere changes that have impacted my soul, leading to an increasingly selfless attitude. Don’t get me wrong; when God takes us to the depths of our souls, there are some very unpleasant revelations to accept about how selfish we really are, but in surrender, He changes all of it with a power beyond our comprehension. 

Overall, what I’m looking forward to revealing to anyone who will listen, is to say “my God gave me my heart’s desire;” to write without doubt, fear, or anxiety that God has truly shown favour in my life.

As I’ve said earlier, I could certainly testify to God’s greatness this year – it’s never ending; I’m able to write a list of the amazing things He’s tasked me with, that have shown how much I’ve been changed. But the Lord knows my heart. I would only be fooling myself and others if I were to embellish persevering with 2017’s trials, professing that they were meeting of my heart’s desires.

They’re not.

And that’s just being profoundly honest.

Nonetheless, I’m appreciative because He’s allowed me to see clearly how He’s transforming me.

I repeat, “the Lord knows my heart” and I’m aware He’s the God who makes the impossible happen.

I maintain faith I will soon know what it’s like to be truly delighted, undoubting, unwavering, joyful, peaceful, and thankful, continuing this path so that I finish well.  

I believe the most important lesson we come to learn, is God’s significance and foundation within our heart’s desires.

God doesn’t ally His desires to ours as if we’re the foundation. No.

He transforms us so that we align our desires to His perfect, flawless way. When this happens, then we find our desires being met, because we are walking with His will in us.

The question at the centre of all this—which is the embodiment of the faith struggle—is, God’s way, or my way?

The tricky part of God’s way – it requires focus, faith, perseverance, and patience. Attributes often lacking in the best of us. But in this weakness, that’s where He can do His best work in us [2 Corinthians 12:9].

Please feel free to give testimony of God meeting your desires, so that it might benefit others