Truth Restoration Exchange Encounter (TREE) Ministry

What is it all about?

This ministry is a major building block, a key ministry in EEC to help us fulfill our Mission Statement: It fulfills an important part of the Great Commission in carrying out what Jesus commanded His disciples to do: to preach the Gospel (God’s truth), to heal the sick and to drive out demons. It also helps us to obey the Great Commandment by removing obstacles that stand in the way of loving God and loving people.


Why do we do it?

The purpose of the TREE ministry is to help people encounter the Holy Spirit and experience truths that set them free to progress in the journey of sanctification.
In the course of receiving this ministry, we are healed from past hurts and delivered from demonic powers that have held us in bondage; baggage that hinders us in our spiritual journey are removed, and strongholds of lies in our lives are torn down and replaced by God’s truths to live by.

When do we meet? (2015 Events)

Counselling Yourself Course (Priority given to members)

The ‘Counselling Yourself’ helps us to constructively address issues and challenges in our lives in accordance with the truths in God's Word and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As we embark on a journey of healing and restoration, the disciplined application of God's Word and faithful submission to the Holy Spirit helps us to experience progressively the transforming power of God's presence in our lives. It is an essential part of the sanctification process to being more Christ-like.

Dates: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th April; 7th, 14th May 2015.                              
Time: 7:15pm - 9:30pm
Location: Emmanuel Centre, Westminster
Fee: Just a £10 contribution towards materials for EEC members; £20 for non members
Deadline for registration: 15th March 2015

Dates: 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April, 6th, 13th May 2015
Time: 7:15pm - 9:30pm
Location: Emmanuel Northwest, Edgware      
Fee: Just a £10 contribution towards materials for EEC members; £20 for non members
Deadline for registration: 15th March 2015

New Steps Encounter

This one day course is for new members and baptism candidates. As new Christians, we struggle to come out of our old ways of behaving and thinking. The course will better equip you with new steps on living as a child of God: His Lordship in our Lives, Cleansing, Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to hear God's voice.

Dates: Sunday 15th February 2015 OR Sunday 7th June 2015 OR Sunday 27th September 2015
Time: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Deadline: Sunday 18th January 2015 OR Sunday 10th May 2015 OR Sunady 6th September 2015
Location: Emmanuel Centre, Westminster
Fee: £3 (Lunch and refreshment provided)

Restoration Encounter (Priority given to members)

This residential weekend conference is held in a tranquil rural setting away from the normal distractions of everyday life. During this time, one can experience a personal life-changing encounter with the Lord in a secure and comfortable environment.

You can and will experience the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit, healing from past hurts, setting free from strongholds and bondages, releasing you into an intimacy with God that will bring about wholesome transformation and further develop ‘Christ-like’ character in our lives.

Dates: 10am on Friday 17th July to 6pm on Sunday 19th July 2015
Venue: All Nations in Easneys Ware, Herts (food and accommodation provided)
Fee: £130 per resident* (including registration fee, £20 – non refundable) for EEC members, £240 for non-members
Registration: Register at the welcome desk in EEC on Sunday / or by e-mailing
Deadline: 12th April 2015

Please note: We are UNABLE to provide childcare!

Identity Discovery Course

Who am I? Why am I here? Who can I trust? Do you want to discover the real you? At the heart of each believer is the desire to grow in deeper love and intimacy with God. Why then do many of us still struggle?

This I.D. course seeks to answer these questions and lead us on a path of personal transformation. To truly know our identity through an encounter with the Father’s tangible love is the beginning of discovering and fulfilling our Kingdom destiny.

Tree Personal Ministry (Strictly By Appointment Only)

Two dedicated TREE workers will assist you through your life difficulties, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the areas of relationship struggles, addictions, emotional problems & pains, forgiveness, including past hurts and during this time, God reveals His truth through His Spirit to let us free.  

Those who need financial support for the courses, please contact