TREE Ministry: Testimonies

Testimonies from Restoration Encounter

“At first, I was unsure about attending Restoration Encounter because I didn’t think my life had many pressing issues that needed to be dealt with. I thought that I had handled past hurts relatively well and viewed any lingering issues as being trivial; something which could be resolved between myself and God in due time without having to bring other people into the picture. I now see how flawed my thinking was! Over the weekend God has revealed to me how much of the motivation behind my old way of thinking had to do with a sense of buried shame and guilt; not realizing that my past hurts had further reaching consequences which affected how I viewed others and how much I was able to trust people in my life.  “Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).” I now see that there are certain areas of healing that can only take place when we are willing to risk being hurt from making ourselves vulnerable before others and God. I can think of no better opportunity and safer place for facilitating such healing than with the TREE ministry. Those ministering are trustworthy and powerfully blessed by the Holy Spirit; being able to empathise with our hurts after having experienced God’s grace first-hand from overcoming difficult and painful past experiences themselves. There is no burden too big or small in God’s eyes that He does not want to see resolved in our lives because He desires for all His children to experience perfect freedom and security. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to receive this gift which God is offering through this wonderful ministry. “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free… I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin… If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:31-32, 34, 36).”

“To be effective, we need the ‘washing of the Word’ and the ‘ministry of the Holy Spirit’. If, like me, you have forgotten the importance of this because of daily life concerns, then the Restoration Encounter is for you. It is possible to attend church, to be in a ministerial position, to be busy with activity and to slip into working in your own strength, striving, getting worn out and frustrated. There are no secrets to this, our source should be God and only He can refresh us. Without it, we cannot and should not be ministering. The TREE team were great facilitators but God did the work. I am grateful for the sensitivity and care given by the team, their tireless dedication and service. This ministry is a great asset to EEC and I am very grateful for it.”

"This year I attended a course called Identity – this was the beginning of finding out that I had many layers that needed to come off.  I knew something was wrong because I have been round the valley so many times without succeeding in anything in my life.  Been prayed for but nothing happened in my life always failing and facing difficulties, never ending and this made me very frustrated. Someone told me that I would benefit from attending a Tree Ministry in July for 3 days in Herts and I was the first one to pay.  I did not want to miss out because it is so popular. This is a more intense course.  What God started in Identity was like scanning my body, reveal where the layers were that was keeping me from my God given blessings but in Encounter God put on His surgical gloves, outfit and the tools He needed (Facilitators), dissected my body and removed all the unwanted lies the enemy had implanted in me all these years. Now God has given me a Shield that will deter the enemy’s lies every time the devil tried his tricks – but this time round I have been enlightened by God’s Spirit and His Blood and the shield given to me is extremely powerful and strong that whatever the devil throws at me, it will bounce back – but I have to keep guard because the devil will continue trying to find out if I still believe in God or his lies.  Finally, for those of you who attended Tree Ministry in July, you are so blessed.  Many churches do not teach what is available at EEC – majority of church goers keep on attending church and do not see the results of their prayers and many people leave church for this reason.  The truth is the devil is at work and very convincing that God do not care about them.  They have layers that need to come off that have held their success in life.  I am so glad that EEC runs these courses because I would not have known all the stuff that I know now and this has helped tremendously with my walk with God.  If you are on the fence, I would encourage you to please book yourself to the next Tree Ministry course – just try it and all I can say is that your life will never be the same again.  God is no respecter of persons, if He did for me, He will definitely do it for you but you have to open your heart."

''I really looked forward to the restoration encounter weekend. The Lord is very good and when I read the email with the details for the course He showed me a picture of a stream of fresh water flowing powerfully from above and bringing a sense of wellbeing. I was very expectant to be part of this amazing experience of overflowing wellbeing and feel loved and clean inside. The weekend was definitely intense and it was a lot to take in but probably is needed to remove the layers of the enemy's lies we are exposed to. I am grateful to everyone at Tree ministry and I felt safe to explore past issues that in turn brought revelation about God's Love and inheritance He provided to us. I am encouraged to continue in my calling and I am strengthened in my faith that He trusted me in His love to further His kingdom on earth. I feel refreshed as I knew it will be and there is a fire burning in my spirit wanting to come out and pour within everyone around me. I encourage everyone to also attend and experience the truth of how precious we all are in God's eyes. I pray that all of you are in turn blessed with all heavenly blessings and abundantly experience streams of goodness.''

"The weekend retreat was a true blessing for me and the friends I accompanied.  Delving deep into the most arduous times of my life, I found myself revisiting those moments where I felt most isolated, and discovered healing through Jesus Christ.  It is a long process and this is only the beginning, but what I know is I’m on the path of truth and light, and that transparency with all the challenges of life, is the way forward.  The fellowship and testimonies were the most inspirational part of this weekend. Everyone stood in the light and it allowed me to learn about the body of Christ the way we all should; through living with a group actively being Christ-like, his children on Earth.  One huge change I noticed about myself was my appetite for food and eating in front of people. I usually don't like to dine with others at all, but felt extremely comfortable with the group - even with those attendees I didn't know. I found myself going up for second helpings like a kid at a candy store. I'm certain this has something to do with how free my spirit felt due to the power of this particular fellowship." 

"I really opened my heart and the Holy Spirit revealed the root to a lot of my problems.  I was able to confess and forgive everyone involved including myself and to repent of my blame shifting to God . I can truly feel that God called me away for the weekend to show me how much He loves me. We need to be doing more things like this in order to drown out all the other influences and have time away with God.  We need longer Godly retreats. It was therapeutic to my Spirit, thank you so much."

"On the last day of the conference, I saw a picture of 'A ship that is sailing at dawn towards unknown but I had the faith from God that at the end of the journey He will fulfil a promise, Iwill find a land that is abundant and fruitful'.
I came to the course to find myself and to find the first love which I lost. I thank God that at any time he carries me in his victorious chariot. He made this course possible and he guided my steps and I learnt ‘what is my purpose and what I am looking for?’ We all have to answer these questions and any of us has to listen the truth in our hearts.
I thank you Lord that you worked through your teachers at this course and you are showing me that I am on course. I pray that the Holy Spirit will light the way and guide others to find the riches and greatness you sow in each of us to fulfil their calling and bring glory to Your Holy Name and please Your heart. In Jesus name I pray, Amen".

"I would like to thank TREE again for your amazing and noble service to God and to the participants. Few things I've learn - inner vows and wrong perception actually played a big role in my merit- rather than grace - driven mentality and I am so thankful for the revelation so I can break out of this and embrace God's love and acceptance.  The demonstration of ungodly soul ties with the strings was powerful, and I was delivered from the baggage of ungodly relationships in the past. As my husband received fresh revelation about his identity, I see God is going something new and exciting in his life. He is actively applying what we've learnt in the weekend in daily life and is a huge encouragement for me to do the same, applying God's truth and promises in all situations and be constantly renewed in my mind.  As a couple, we become more open and vulnerable to each other about our personal struggles and our prayer life is definitely strengthened. So I just want to give God all the glory for His amazing love and praise Him for every single TREE facilitator who is so precious and anointed!"

"The Restoration Encounter Weekend is very well organised by the leadership team from start to finish. The time of ministry started with input from the front, ministry and guidance from the counselors and then of course ministry through the Holy Spirit. There was fellowship with others during the breaks and a realization that we are all in the same position seeking to draw closer to the Father. Talking about past issues and problems, revealing and closing them down and working past them was important and cleansing resulted. Could not stop tears running down my face as the Holy Spirit spoke to me! Sometimes you have to take a chance in ministry. Jump off into the unknown because you can rely on God the Father to take you through and deal with issues that, on a day to day basis, are hard if not impossible to deal with. Glad I went and recommend the weekend to anyone who wants a new and refreshing start - take a chance."

"I am really grateful for the Tree Ministry. I have been so blessed. I felt so safe, so loved and supported. Most of all, I felt the difference. I started to stop one of the rituals yesterday and i am still standing firm and I still will not do it. I felt joy and excitement in my spirit which I have lost these feeling for so long.......but God has restored them to me. Amen! God has removed the blockages that have stopped me from trusting him and believing that I can overcome. I declared loudly today of my identity and God's power over me today and I felt GOOD. I have been taking so long to do the usual household chores that I have been sleeping at 2 -3 am in the morning. I am not joking....Because I took so long to wash my hands in between the housework. But I was able to resist and took shorter time to wash my hands and I came out of my shower before 10:30 pm. This is a real major progress and this is really from the Holy Spirit, and even when I was reading the Bible, the scriptures made so much sense to me. Before that I was reading -You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free intellectually but now I really understand what this verse really mean. God has started his healing and deliverance on me.....All honor & glory to God !!!!"

"I had some difficult relationships with some classmates who despise and reject me. I have struggled a lot. I felt so down and rejected. So, I know that God took me to the Restoration Encounter for deep healing to set me free. During ministry, God convicted me to forgive them and release judgements I had upon them. After the deep cleansing, the Holy Spirit is able to fill me greatly. God anointed me strongly, I was knocked down by the Holy Spirit on the floor. I saw in my vision that Jesus come to put His hands on my hands to receive His power of resurrection, I felt like the electricity power flowing through my whole body at the same time. He wanted me to know that I can love those who hate me by His power, not by my strength. I am now able to see my classmates with understanding and love by His grace. I believe that God did amazing and wonderful work on me."

"I was so touched by the warm welcome I received from the team and conferees and really enjoyed meeting and getting to know everyone. The Lord touched me and gave me a good clean-out! I have received some important keys and insights which have changed the way I understand my past. I am continuing in Him and trusting Him to show me the way forward in walking out my healing."

"The TREE Restoration Encounter is something which I recommend everyone to attend. The TREE ministry facilitators created a safe and conducive environment for me to learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit and pray to God. They openly shared and encouraged and helped me see what the Holy Spirit is showing me, and I saw some of the baggage that I was carrying (some of which I wasn’t even aware of) that impeded my attempt to walk closer to God. Then, they helped me to pray to God about these baggage, and I was able to leave them with Jesus. I felt a great sense of relief and was touched by Gods reassurance of his love, as well as the care and love shown by the facilitators. It has been 2 weeks since, and I will always be grateful to what God, Jesus and Holy Spirit have done to me during the weekend, and I would like to encourage the TREE ministry facilitators to keep up the wonderful work that they are doing for God. "

"I have just come back from Tree weekend and didn't want to leave, woke this morning with a sadness shared by my wife in leaving the close fellowship of brothers and sisters in Christ, I do know even more than I ever have, that Jesus to whom we all encountered so powerfully the weekend is with me each minute just as much as he was the weekend, we are so blessed to be within a church that has such a ministry and is so good it can channel Gods love and harness the power of the holy spirit, my regret is these weekends do not happen more, I would like to be a regular, I sit and wonder what these experiences would do to the young people I touch, and what an amazing thing if I could bring some of them to tree one day, and return them to the farther. I believe very strongly that every single person in outreach go through this, as I thought I was equipped before I went, but realise now I was only in my pants, I feel the tree team have helped me dress and put on the armour of the spirit of god. I just want to say I encourage you to consider going to tree, it has impacted me in a big way, I have made some good friends, and am recharged in the battle for the kingdom."

"I spent much time wondering whether to come on the encounter weekend or not, and asked many folks about their opinions to find out what it was about. There was also the possible conflict with work that made it look like I would not be able to come after all - but this disappeared and I found myself thinking that actually God had arranged things because He wanted me to go. On arrival I was very unsure about how open I was going to be. In my nature I am not necessarily very open with 'strangers' about personal things, and especially my faith. A few days before the conference I had been praying that what would happen on the weekend would be of God, not of 'man'. I also prayed about another important area of my life for which I really wanted guidance, and I remember sitting in a church yard asking God a simple yet profound yes/no question. The first thing that happened in my ministry time was that God answered my simple question - He said 'Yes.' This both shocked and amazed me at the same time - as I didn't expect God to answer so quickly to such an important question. This broke me right open - from the start. God cared enough to answer me like that and on this weekend. I could not hold stuff back from Him after that. What followed was a long journey into the Father's love: how He cared, wanted me to come to Him at any time with any request. He wants to know everything I feel, I do, I think. The ministry time at the end of Saturday (Orphan Heart) was very emotional for me. I thank God for a ministry facilitator who sat with me for well over an hour as I cried with the revelation that God really knew all that had happened to me, and that He desperately wants the best for me. Since I returned from the Encounter I have not been the same. I am exploring what it means to receive and live in the Father's love. I am so grateful for God's provision and look forward to the good things he has for me. I can say it was a truly blessed time."

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend. I cannot say that I enjoyed the experience, it was painful and so exhausting! I have never cried so much in 48 hours and I feel as though I was in a wrestling match...God was telling me to let go of destructive ways of thinking but I didn't want to... these patterns of thinking and behaviours have defined me for so long that I don't know who I am if I let them go! But praise God, by His grace and through the help of the fantastic counsellors, I am leaving these things behind! Thank you for making these things possible. All praise to God and I'm so grateful for all the willing workers."

"I went to the Restoration Encounter weekend with excitement, wondering what would happen. I had already attended events like this elsewhere, but this turned out to be more intensive, more detailed and more thorough than I anything Id previously experienced. I expected God to give me a spiritual spring-clean and actually what I received was a spiritual makeover! God is so gracious and provided a safe space and very gentle ministry for His work in us. The Lord gave me the grace and courage to look at dark shameful places in my life which were hidden behind closed doors, and then to bring out what was hidden in the darkness to the light. The precious blood of Jesus washed me completely clean, praise the Lord, and I have been set free from stuff that I didn't know was there. I know now in deeper ways than ever before that God loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, and I am beautiful and perfect in His sight because everything that God makes is beautiful and good, and I am good because I am His workmanship. I give all praise and glory and thanks to God, and thanks to the ministry team who have worked so hard to organise and run this event. Thanks be to God."

"I went for a Restoration Encounter during the weekend and it was very amazing. During the session of forgiveness, I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me who I should forgive, there was nothing. Then I thought to myself, maybe I should ask the Lord to speak to me those whom I had hurt them and asked the Lord to speak to them to forgive me and I prayed and prayed and continued to speaking in tongues. There was nothing. So I just relaxed. Then I felt a very gentle breeze came to my left face. I thought someone had opened the door so I opened my eyes and saw there was no one and the door remained shut. Immediately, I knew it was the Holy Spirit. So I prayed to Him, Holy Spirit, who do you want me to forgive. He said to me with the gentle breeze passing over my face, very cooling and slowly even though my ear was still filled with heat, He said, 'Forgive yourself!', when I heard it, I did not speak a word and my heart was bumping fast even though peaceful. Then there were thoughts of myself, 'You are hopeless, you are trouble maker, everywhere you go, you bring trouble, you are sick and good for nothing, you born to destruction and you are hopeless, hopeless' I was in fact speaking to myself all these words without realising it, and the ministry facilitator spoke to me loudly, hey, what are you talking? He shook me, ' What are you talking about, this is not from the Holy Spirit, rebuke it and renounce it now!' Then, I responded, 'I am hopeless, I am. You don't know me.' Then he prayed for me and renounced it with me all those words I had spoken and he asked me, 'What did the holy spirit say to you? Forgive myself,' 'Then you must write down on the file and let us pray', he guided me through the process. I felt very relieved inside me. I have forgiven myself and we went for tea break. After the tea break, I moved to a different session with a different ministry facilitator. After the sharing from the pulpit by one of the ministry facilitator about the topic of the orphan heart session, we have to quiet our heart and pray quietly asking the Holy Spirit to show us what he wants us to know. We have to answer the questions like when did I leave home? When did I make a choice in my heart to no longer be a son, a daughter to my parents and therefore to God? I wrote down the day when I wanted to leave home is when the day I accepted Jesus Christ and I wanted to serve Him full time and I spent a lot of my time in church until very late night. Then the ministry facilitator asked me to quiet my heart down and to continue to ask the Holy Spirit to show me what he wanted to show me. I sat there with my eyes closed and relaxed. There was no rushing or pressure of time. Just relaxed. My thought came with those time when I had at CNEC serving God with joy, had Bible studies and chat with a close Brother in Christ etc. and I was still speaking in tongue whilst with the those thought. Then ministry facilitator whispered a word into my ear. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, with my eyes still closely and tightly shut, it was like, as if I was in a roller coaster, I was travelling at a very high speed, I was in a channel, a tunnel, dark but it was at great speed, then it stopped suddenly. I was in a dim orange coloured environment as if in a section of a swimming pool. I was in the water floating very slowly and I did not struggle to breathe. In fact, I was quite comfortable floating inside the water. Then I heard loud voices and I heard mom and dad, their voices, they were both quarrelling. Mom was shouting and Dad was shouting. They were both blaming each other and it was about me. I felt it was my fault. It was me. I felt the pain in my stomach, it was painful, so painful but I could not do anything about it. I did not struggle, just remained floating inside the water. I asked myself, where is this place? The Holy Spirit said to me, you are in your mom's womb. How can this be? I questioned, I am imagining things here, I said. The Holy Spirit did not say anything to me. Then He brought me to another scene, in this scene, I saw a boy, same age as my son, he was struggling to get off a pond he fell into. He was drowning and struggling for air. He did not shout for help because he was drowning. But no one was there, whilst two of his friends were walking ahead of him. This boy, me, caught hold of a branch and I managed to get up out of the pond. The Holy Spirit asked me, can you remember this? I said, yes. I almost died. I followed two of my friends to a place with a lot of ponds and I fell into one of the pond. The Holy Spirit asked me, remember this event? I said yes, I nearly died because I could not swim. Then the Holy Spirit brought me back again to the womb. I was again floating inside the water surrounded by orange and pink coloured environment. There was no more argument and it was very quiet. Then the Holy Spirit spoke a word to me. I broke down inside me. I cried, cried and cried. I don't know how long I was crying for. But I was crying quietly and controlled though. With my eyes closed tightly and tears flooded my eyes non stopped, the Holy Spirit brought me back to my chair. Every scene moved from one to another in just seconds, yet the memories were so fresh! very fresh. I could see everything clearly even with my eyes closed. Holy Spirit restored my heart. I thought I knew him and I loved him, I was nothing. It is a very humbling experience. I am learning and I am still learning about Him. I love Him now and I will always love Him even more so now. I like to let you know that the Holy Spirit has healed my inner most hurt in my life that I did not realise it had hurt me so much. He has restored me to His love. I felt very light in my spirit now and I have been singing since this morning. I am very peaceful inside me. Light and peaceful. I just do not feel like doing anything but just want to soak myself in His love. It is amazing! Very amazing experience! I now know that God loves me and He has created me. I now understand and I know that he wants me to love Him and just love Him.  This encountering weekend is amazing, very amazing, very humbling experience.  I love mum, I love dad and I love myself and I love everyone of you.  It is overwhelming, my spirit inside me is very light.  I kept praising Him this morning in my quiet time."

"I was very blessed over the weekend and it was a significant time for me, particularly in the area of deliverance from rejection and ungodly belief.  It really was great and I was very blessed, and set free.  Praise God!   I was impressed by the whole team's dedication and organisation.  It must have been quite a lot of work, and I feel privileged to be part of a church which has a ministry team such as this."

"Before I went away, I was rather scared because I was afraid that the ministry facilitators would impose their views and judgement on my situations and freely give me all kinds of unhelpful advice once that I had heard thousands of times over - the same old statements such as "love them to bits and God will turn things around for you." However, my apprehension was to be unfounded. Instead, I found the TREE ministry facilitators to be kind, patient, unhurried, and best of all, they invited the Holy Spirit to minister to me, and allowed TIME for Spirit to do a deep healing work in all of us. The ministry facilitators prayed with me and comforted me and did not judge me. The best bit was that their prayers were so directed by the Holy spirit in the areas I was struggling with."

"I found new hope in God, the father, the son and the Holy Spirit in my life on that weekend. Every topic covered by the DVD teachings had healed my longings, my broken spirit, and my broken relationship with God the father." 

"I just wanted to say a very big thank you for giving us there, whatever reasons we may be there for, a chance to rediscover the Father God's eternal love for us and that we can move on now with a deeper sense of his tender love for us.Please keep the TREE going for the sake of broken children of God, that they may be healed and be ever more fearsome for God. God has begun this enduring works in our church through the different back-bone ministries now.If we continue this way, God will be blessed. May the Lord continue to bless you all for this loving work through Him!"

"As a man, it's not easy to open up and discover weaknesses and then ask for help. I have been a Christian since a young age but have never really connected with the God's love and delight in me. Unknowingly, this caused me to become self-reliant; I became used to getting on with life without knowing God's love deeply - also a spiritual earwax which deadened the Father's voice. The TREE weekend covered 14 topics such as hardened hearts, forgiveness, rejection and ungodly beliefs - all of which helped to lighten and in some cases unload the baggage of the past. Undoing the burdens, getting to grips with root causes and breaking strongholds will take time but then I will be truly free! This may sound quite deep and painful - and it was at times - but everyone can overcome the past by degrees. There is no better place to do this with experienced and very caring one-to-one ministry facilitator than on the TREE course. It's not for the weak. Do it! Do it this year!"


Testimonies from Counselling Yourself course

"The Counselling Yourself Course was another opportunity for me to immerse myself within the Body of Christ (the community of our church) through surrender to the Lord, truth, and humility. It allowed a group of us to collaborate and address the challenges that obstruct the Holy Spirit’s sovereignty over our lives. Within the three areas of personal security, significance, and self-worth, we reviewed a range of hurts that could be causing us to indirectly block the Holy Spirit from working with us, through our own defence procedures, protective barriers, and coping mechanisms; in other words, our own attempts to control the pains of life.  The exploration within this course is greatly helpful for those of us who come to church every Sunday, pray, and read Bible daily, yet still feel disconnected from God and don’t understand why.  We received wisdom directly from the Word of God and were able to apply it to our relationships with Jesus, practically assisting our day-to-day living.   Praise God and thanks very much EEC for all the courses you offer." 

"I was recommended the Tree ministry by a friend who attends EEC and as soon as I heard about it I just knew I had to go.  What I enjoyed most about the teaching was that I had never heard anyone teach anything like this in all the 20 something years I had been a Christian. One of the things the Holy Spirit showed me while doing the homework, called (TAWG) time alone with God, was that I had a broken self-image, which had been broken since the time of the fall re: (Adam and Eve).  I was shocked to hear the Holy spirit tell me that I had a self-loathing or self-hatred of myself, something I didn't realise but which resonated with me. I quickly asked the Holy Spirit what I should do now and He told me I was to reject that broken image of myself which I did. I repented and then God was able to show me  what I really looked like and how He saw me, created in His image,  completely whole in Christ Jesus. I did not recognise the person/image but was assured that it was me and that it was how God saw me and how he had created me.  I came away from the time of ministry, full of peace but also shocked by all that God had done and had shown me. I did not know what to expect and all that I experienced blew me away and totally blessed my socks off. God was so gentle,calming and reassuring.  I came away having gotten rid of all the emotional garbage I had been carrying around probably for years. I cannot recommend it highly enough, if you want to move on in your relationship/walk with the living God I suggest you sign up to the course next time EEC have it.  It has been absolutely life changing.  Thank you so much EEC for taking the time to put this course together and helping to set the captives free.  You are pioneers of this ministry and I pray that God uses you to set more and more of us christians free in Jesus name."

"The Counselling Yourself course was very enlightening and sincerely eye opening.
As a Born Again Christian for the past decade or more, I could not have envisaged what I was letting myself in for because I thought I was okay in my walk with the Lord. Having completed these sessions however, I must confess that it has certainly proved to be one of the most beneficial things I have ever done in my Christian learning. I not only learnt new ways of seeking the Lord but I found myself in the process. This has allowed me to move to an unimaginable level of interaction with God through the Holy Spirit and i have been able to pursuit, with more energy and enthusiasm, my calling in the Lord as the Holy Spirit directs me. I now do what I learnt and it has brought me closer to the Lord in every possible way."

"I was very blessed to have excellent teachers and facilitators; being compassionate, understanding and methodical in their approach, they have been tremendously encouraging and supportive. I valued this a great deal knowing that I was in safe hands of competent and confident trainers."

"I have been extremely blessed during my time on the course and I really feel that it has enriched my relationship with God whilst helping me to prepare for my time in the other country. It couldn’t have come at a better time; being surrounded by a family of loving, caring, encouraging and open people."

"I would highly recommend the course to everyone, as it really has been fun, engaging, eye opening and informative; all part of helping me to discover more about not only my identity, who I am, how things in my past have affected me but more importantly about God, the Father, the Son the Holy Spirit, but most of all, out of everything that I have taken away is this reality of what God thinks about me; how much he values and loves me. It’s not just head-knowledge but knowledge through my own personal, tangible experience with God. Ive still got many things in my life that I need to work through, its not been a one-time-fix-all course, but it has given me the tools, hope, courage and faith to face up to my fears and inhibitions. I want to be all that God has made me to be and I want to live in the freedom that he has given to me. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
This is still the beginning of my journey; like the tip of the iceberg, theres just so much more to uncover and discover! Go register for the course, you wont regret it!"

"I really want to thank each one of the TREE/Counselling team that were able helped and took park in the course. Your experience, guidance and love have truly been invaluable through the course. May God well and truly bless each and every one of you who serve so selflessly and diligently by investing your time and effort into helping others." 

"I was sexually abused when I was young. Since then, I had a very difficult relationship with people around me. I felt that I didn’t belong to this world. 
I felt victimized and rejected. I felt confused about my identity including the gender. During ministry, Jesus took me to my hurtful past and healed me there. I now know that I could relate to people. Jesus loves me so much and talks to me. I have had a lot of personal revelation again and again. I know that I belong to God now. He has provided me many godly brothers and sisters I can safely relate to. I get to know who I am in Christ and no longer confuse about my gender. Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free."

"I really want to share about my experiences about the recent counselling I received, and I want to encourage those who have never done the Counselling Yourself Course (CYC) to do it, to really make it to the next session. Sometimes you think you are sure that you have been healed from your past and from what has happened to you but when I was ministered to, I was very surprised, and although it was painful, with the help of the TREE member, and with the Holy Spirit, I was totally healed. This has helped me a lot in my relationship with my two daughters, especially the younger one. Whenever she disobeyed me or answered me back with ungodly words, I shouted at her and afterwards, I feel bad and guilty and it affected us a lot. 
Now things have dramatically changed for us. My relationship with my daughter is now very good, we even pray regularly together and when we disagree, she would ask for forgiveness. Our relationship has really completely changed and I want to thank God for TREE. I am so happy and I want to recommend everyone to the CYC Course which has helped me to be more sensitive to God, have a better relationship with God and also to learn to let Him deal with my issues, so that I can walk in His joy, freedom and victory."

"I had been encountering recurring problems in my life as a Christian for more than 20 years, and I had sought various kinds of counselling and prayer from mature Christians in my life, and attended seminars run by well-known Christian Counselling organisations. As they were day courses, they were not thorough in dealing with my situation, and always carried out in a hurried manner. If I wanted to receive further counselling, I had to be prepared to week sessions and to pay for them.I did not have the time or the money, so I relied on Christian self-counselling books to help me resolve my problems and issues. However, I could not get the torment of those recurring problems out of my mind, and I managed to resolve them with my own ways over number of years. I would feel angry at God for those issues in my life, due to his not answering my prayers. 
This last year, the torments increased, and I have no outlets for my problems. I also felt very guilty because I was angry with God. 'How dare I display such emotion at Him?' I asked myself. The words from the Bible did not ease my pain anymore. When EEC announced this course "Counselling Yourself," I told God that I will give this course a last attempt. I enrolled and was quite frightened, just in case I had to spill the beans about my life, but it was not like that. The course always starts with role play, simple question and answer sessions, games, and most important of all; scriptural teaching in answering those problems about today's relevant questions on Christian living in an increasingly harsh environment. I began to look at my life with God's eyes and mind in a new perspective which I had not learnt about; why, and how could Christians behave in a certain way? I realised wrong choices in my life were made due to seeking approval from people around me, not allowing God's ways to take precedence, but allowing others to take control over me; mainly due to my rejected past, always willing to please at all costs. I also learnt that I had erected a lot of God-substitutions in my life; such as giving in to others demands on my time and energy, to satisfy my need for their approval and love; and this in itself was idolatry and displeasing to God. At the end of the course       I was set free from the poor image of myself and of God."

"I would encourage everyone who is a Christian to attend this course, where I have found my security, self-worth and significance in God alone. Nothing else really matters anymore, not from my own workings or the need for approval from others to satisfy that need in me. Praise the Lord!"

"I was quite afraid of sharing personal experiences at first; soon I realised that the more we shared, the more it became apparent to us that we all had common threads underlying our stories It was really uplifting to see that the theory of the course really made sense at a practical level. Personally I was helped to see humans under the authority of God and to see life from a biblical perspective. I was helped to think about how to love and how to live by relying on the right resource for drawing love and affirmation."

"As a single, sometimes I had experienced frustration as to why I did not yet have a partner. However, in this course the Holy Spirit showed me I was placing my security on a marriage rather than on God. He also showed me that my longing came from my childhood loneliness while my parents were away for a while. I am so grateful to God that through this course HE healed my pain and restored my security in Him, So free...."


Testimonies from Identity Discovery Course

"When I heard about the ID course, I rather proudly thought I know my identity in Christ. I know who I am. I’m a beloved child of God, I’m more than a conqueror, I’m forgiven, I can do all things through Christ etc. etc. However, still experiencing the countless blessings received from attending Counselling Yourself Course and Restoration Encounter, I willingly and expectantly participated in the ID course. I was amazed and humbled to learn so much about myself and my false self-image built upon the lies of the enemy, and the effect this has all had on my life, my behaviour and my thinking. God, in His great and magnificent mercy, gently stripped away the masks and deceptions and revealed to me how He sees me who I truly am. Yes, I am a beloved child of God, I am more than a conqueror, I am forgiven, and I can do all things through Christ. But now I KNOW my true identity deep in my heart, way, way deeper than head knowledge. It’s hard to explain, but there has been a marked inner change in me, a shift deep within my very being, in my self-image, which has given me a more profound peace and sense of security and confidence in Christ. Im not who I thought I was in my mind. I’m more than that, much more. Praise and thanksgivings and all glory to our wonderful Father God, to our Lord Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit whose workmanship I am. This ID course has blessed me beyond measure."

"I am indeed so blessed by the recent Identity Discovery Course, which was run by the TREE Ministry in EEC. I am so grateful to God that the Church believes and practises the holistic teaching of Christ: the PHD: i.e. sound Bible Preaching, Healing and Deliverance. The course explores questions like:
I have been a Christian for over 2 decades. And in the heart of each of us believer is the desire to grow in deeper intimacy with God. The question is HOW? The Church’s pulpit could only address certain issue on the Sunday. So, some people might go away with many reservations, waiting for refreshment to our soul. Any issue buried alive serves as fuel for the enemy to use against us, affecting our relationship with GOD. Other questions asked: Is it by doing perfection in our Christian life? Adhering to all the dos and don'ts of the Bible? By being religious? By being charitable, etc.? Not good enough by the World's standard, or God's standard? Endless list of quests! The question remains for many of us, why do we still struggle after becoming a Christian?  So, after attending this course, I have been totally blessed with the true knowledge of our identity through a personal experiential encounter with our Father's tangible love. It is the beginning of discovering and fulfilling our position in HIS kingdom. I now understand fully God's kingdom destiny for me as his child. The PRICELESS tag which God placed on me, will also make a difference to others around me! Positive and effective change begins with us."